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Description of Products


Equipped with Industrial Camera imported from U.S.A. and Europe, SIS-FILM can implement the defection by visual inspection and artificial intelligence. This system can help  our clients improve their production process, raise their business efficiency, decrease the complaints from clients and improve their corporate image.







 Main Features


This system can be used for the detection of film materials such as PVDF, light sensitive dry-film, composite film, casting film, biaxially oriented film, blown film, bonding film, film coat, acrylic plate, PC plate, permeable membrane, optical film, composite material, Lithium battery diaphragm, functional film, EVA glue film, film of solar panel and so on. The detection interface can show defections in real time, for example the hole, hair, fisheye, bubble, bruise, crumple, nick, oil mark, foreign body, black mark, insect, fiber and so on.




Characteristic of The system



  ★Classify Intelligently: Equipped with the technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the system can do the learning and classifying automatically according to the user’s definition about defections.



  PostgreSQL Database: Equipped with the most advanced open-source database, the system can store the pictures and other information of defections, such as location and scale.



  Archive Automatically: The system can copy the data of defections to external equipment or devices automatically according to the user’s demands.



  The Diversity of The Report Form: The system provide a report form of the detection’s result and statistical data with table and graph.



  The analysis of surface homogeneity: The system show the products’ variation of homogeneity in graph.



  Ranking the Quality of Products: The system can classify products automatically and exactly according to users’ definition.



  Slitting The Product virtually And Monitor The Periodic defections: The system can judge the quality of all rolls after slitting according to users’ demands, and monitor the periodic defections automatically.



  IO Interface: It can provide a signal for alarming, sticking, material broken,changing roll, starting and stopping.



  Factory Interface: Based on windows operating system, it can be connect with other systems and devices by interfaces such as TCP/IP, Ethernet and OPC.



  Maintain The System By Remote Access: When the network if available, the system can be maintained and upgraded by remote access.



  ★Technological Support: Technological support will be available in 7*24 hours by hotline and online.






Some Examples of Defections



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